Jessi Thompson, Owner

Master Barre, Spin, and Yoga Instructor

Jessi is an elementary school teacher, mom to Owen and Emma, and married to Re’s favorite intern and prize patrol president, Roger! Although Jessi had already been teaching barre for a couple years, the idea for Re was born back in 2015 when Jessi began teaching spin classes out in a friend’s garage in the woods. It started out as small groups of friends who would carpool out there to get in a sweat session together. When the spin bikes were going to be sold from the garage where they were being stored, there was only one option… buy them and open a small fitness studio! With a vision to create a space where friends could work towards health, strength and wellness in ALL ways, the doors of Re opened to welcome EVERYONE ready for a different kind of fitness experience and community. In her classes, you’ll come to believe Jessi’s mantra “you can do hard things”, get sincerely hugged as you walk out the door, and experience a special mix of massage and adjustments during her yoga classes.


Brittany Castilla, Spin and Barre Instructor

Brittany has always had a love and passion for health and wellness. As an athletic trainer at Whitworth University, she meets the healthcare needs of student-athletes in several different sports and also brings this special skill set into the studio. She enjoys the unique community of Re Fitness Studio because it is an accepting environment where people are encouraged to do what works for them even if it looks different. Brittany encourages dancing, singing, and having fun in her classes while also focusing on self-reflection and taking care of your body. Be sure to check out Brittany’s Ride and Release class to see some of her skills in action while she teaches you how to truly stretch and release after a killer ride set to today’s top hits! Brittany's classes are more than a workout, she emphasizes having a good time with a community of friends, encouraging one another with energy and love, and feeling accomplished in all that you do!


Emily Wittkopf, Spin Instructor

Emily is mom to her sweet dog, Lloyd, and also an esthetician and proud owner of The Lemon Room. Although she’s retired from basketball and volleyball, her love of a tough, sweaty workout hasn’t faded at all. She loves Re because we promote self-love and total health in a world which tends to thrive on denial, false promises, and toxicity. At Re, everyone is welcome and a part of the journey. You’ll feel that in Emily’s classes too! She invites all fitness levels and carefully designs classes so that you have power and control of your own workout. You can recover and take care of yourself or push to your limit, it’s your ride! She helps you set your mind right and shows you how your body will follow!


Jen Oswalt, Barre Instructor

Jenny is a mother of 2 daughters, wife to Jeff, and creator of JLove Kitchen vegan and gluten free granola.  She loves Re because it is a gracious and encouraging space to be brave and be vulnerable in your fitness goals.   It’s a community first and foremost. Her Gentle Barre class is a welcoming 45 minutes that hopes to instill love for self, strength of spirit, and a full body workout while using light weights and low reps. This class ends with a longer yoga release accompanied by a peppermint essential oil neck massage. She hopes those who attend will leave feeling revitalized, refreshed, and ready for the day. She’s a champion for the idea that fitness is not about a desire for a body perfection that will never exist, but rather positive mental clarity and appreciation for what the body is able to accomplish.


Julie Swedberg, Barre Instructor

Julie is a Spokane transplant, moving here after graduating from WSU in 2006. Never one to be consistent with a gym membership or workout routine, she first became hooked on barre in 2015 when Jessi  taught free classes at River Park Square. There, she went from sporadically working out, to being at the studio nearly every day. Julie’s favorite thing about Re is the inviting and inclusive atmosphere and people who make it feel welcoming for anyone starting out. She is currently teaching a Barre Basics class with a focus on fundamentals and form which is great for all ages and abilities. She also teaches a BarreFlow class (30 minutes of barre followed by 30 minutes of a yin style yoga cool down.) Julie is passionate about music, attending concerts and festivals annually; expect to hear new finds and old favorites in every carefully selected playlist. 


Elizabeth Peterson, Yoga Instructor

Elizabeth is married to Eric and together they have six children, known affectionately as their Bigs and Littles.  Elizabeth is a lover of the outdoors, good books, natural remedies, hosting dinner gatherings, and quality time with family and friends.  With her degree in education, 15 years working in the world of retreats, and her attentiveness to the body, mind, spirit connection, teaching yoga feels like a convergence of her varied interests and pursuits.  Elizabeth was "sold" on Re from her very first class - the welcoming atmosphere, genuine sense of community among amazing individuals (that's you!), and the challenge to push one’s self beyond personal limits are among her favorite things about Re.  And of course, the sweaty hugs and dance-worthy playlists!  Elizabeth's yoga classes begin with a centering reading and end with a restful Savasana and a peaceful melody.  Her hope is that her classes will leave you feeling grounded, strong and renewed in body, mind and spirit.


Sarah Crecelius, Barre Instructor

Sarah is a high school science teacher and mom of three.  She has been enjoying barre at Re for over 4 years now (with a few breaks to pop out some cute babies).  She loves the culture at Re, the wonderful people, getting to push herself physically, and the mental health benefits of regular exercise.  She always emphatically agrees that she would not be doing the tough workouts by herself at home, 5 more pushups, think it’s time to check the laundry.  Her classes are meant to challenge everyone from the novice to the barre addicts. She also hopes that you laugh along with her, because laughing engages the core. #science