Monday: 5:15am spin, 6:30am core cycle, 9:30am pedal plie, 7:30pm barre

Tuesday: 5:15am barre, 6:30am barre flow, 9:30am gentle barre, 4:15pm barre

Wednesday: 5:15am spin, 6:30am spin, 9:30am barre flow

Thursday: 5:15am barre, 6:30am spin, 9:30 am gentle barre, 4:15pm barre

Friday: 5:15am pedal plie , 6:30am pedal plie, 9:30am ride n’ release

Saturday: 6:15am spin, 7:30am barre, 8:45am spin

Sunday: 6:15am spin , 7:30am spin, 3pm yoga

*There are often extra classes added to the regular schedule.  Please check the link below to see the weekly schedule and to see additional classes offered.

Spin, pedal plie, barre flow, core cycle, ride n’ release and yoga class sign ups for the week open on Sunday mornings at 8:45am.

Use the following link to reserve a spot for spin, pedal plie, barre flow, ride n’ release, core cycle or yoga:


 You do not need to sign up in advance for barre or gentle barre classes.