Monday: 5:15am spin, 6:30am CoreCycle (spin/core), 7:30pm barre

Tuesday: 5:15am barre, 6:30am barre flow, 4:15pm barre

Wednesday: 5:15am spin, 6:30am spin

Thursday: 5:15am barre, 6:45am spin, 4:15pm barre

Friday: 5:15am pedal plie, 6:30am pedal plie (pedal plie is half spin/half barre)

Saturday: 6:15am spin, 7:30am barre

Sunday: 6:15am spin , 7:30am spin, 3pm yoga

*There are often extra classes added to the regular schedule.  Please check the link for the sign-ups below to see additional classes offered.

Spin, pedal plie, barre flow, core cycle and yoga class sign ups for the week open on Sunday mornings at 8:45am.

Use the following link to reserve a spot for spin, pedal plie, barre flow, core cycle or yoga:


You do not need to RSVP in advance for barre classes.  If you're new to barre, it's a good idea to show up about 10 minutes early to check in with Jessi.